Annual Championship ÖBK Vienna 07.09.2014

Successful weekend in Austria …

Jette Giodoro & Joop Giodoro both won their classes at the age of 4 months in their first show!!

Thanks to judges DI Rikki Kainz-Götz (Austria) and Margot Egeblad (Denmark). Thanks to Suzana for handling Joop!

Joop Oebk 2014


Joop Austria 2014

Results of our “family”:


Joop Giodoro – VP 1 Brindle Males Baby (out of 4)

Che S.C. Athena’s Dream – Exc 1 Brindle Males Working Class (out of 4)
Laurin’s Boxer Alim – Exc. 1 Brindle Males Champion Class (out of 3) + Jahressieger, Klubsiegeranwartschaft, BOB


Jette Gidoro – VP1 Brindle Females Baby (out of 7)

Cute Athena’s Dream – Exc. 2 Brindle Females Working Class (out of 2)

Angel Athena’s Dream – Exc. 2 Brindle Females Champion Class (out of 8)